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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prof Elihu D. Richter open letter regarding EHS and WIFI in schools

Few days ago I received a formal letter from Prof Elihu D. Richter that refers to incendence of EHS in kids that were brought to the attention of the Knesset Child Protection Committee last year, call for the reduction of EMF radiation in schools by moving to a wired internet connection, noted that the existing so called safety standards do not protect kids from becoming EHS or suffering from EMF exposure, that the symptoms of EHS can be different from one person to the other, and professional relevant personal and bodies must be updated about the new studies regarding EHS.
Most importantly Prof' Richter also declared that the department of occupational and Environmental medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (ISRAEL) have received calls and request for help from EHS people and parents of EHS kids and is interested in establishing a team which will check, document, report symptoms of Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity, their relation to radiation exposure, to revoke the influence of other possible origins and causes and to encourage steps to reduce the expected increase in appearance of these symptoms.
The Department calls for cooperation with others, specially pediatricians both in Hadassa hospital in Jerusalem or in the community.
In addition Prof' Richter support the recent letter or Prof Cerem about the new challenges that new technologies bring to children wellness and health as in the industrial revolution, and reminds the NTP latest study that the reported findings of RF radiation are proving that it is causing cancer on rates.
We hope to bring a full translation of the letter to English soon.
If you want to contact Prof' Richter, please see his email in the picture of the letter bellow.
Amir Borenstein.

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