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Monday, March 7, 2016

“Crown Jewels Underwear” to protect sperm is not the best idea

As more and more scientific prof of harm will appear regarding the health risk of RF radiation and cell phone use, more and more products that are meant to protect the user and to allow him to continue using the radiating phone will appear. This is a natural reaction, but it is not logical as the protection products usually give very partial protection and may create the illusion that the user can use the radiating equipment without any risk.
Such a product is the "“Crown Jewels Underwear”. 

If made from the right fabric, the underwear will give only partial protection, as not only the Crown Jewels are effected by the almost constant emission form the smart phone.  Plus most of (actually all the fabric I know of) the radiation blocking fabrics can block only the RF radiation emitted form the mobile phone, while the mobile phone emits also ELF Magnetic and ELF Electric fields.

Video - RF emission form smart phone while idle -

To my opinion it is a cheaper and better idea to reduce the use of your cell phone (will cost nothing and will be more effective). For people who are not EHS I suggest to keep the phone as far away as possible from the body, turn off the 3G/4G data, WIFI and Bluetooth most of the time. Prefer the use of wired landline phones and when must use the smart phone with speaker phone function or wired earpiece.

Video - RF emission form smart phone while idle

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