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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Israeli media - New Israeli study shows sperm damage because of cell phones' radiation

The study (I did not find the study or it's abstract yet) shows that people how use the cellphone for more than one our, use it while charging it, or hold it next to their groin have a higher risk or to have damage sperm.
The study was done by the Technion(Israel Technical Institute in Haifa)  Faculty of Medicine and the  Carmel medical center in Haifa, and included 106 men how visit the fertility clinic, filled in a questionnaire and did a sperm analysis.

Article in JPOST -

Times of Israel -

The mirror uk -

Article in YENT (google translator) -

As I showed before in my videos, smart phones emit RF radiation also in idle more (depending on operation system, applications and settings). This emission will cause RF exposure to the body. I recommend turning off 3g/4g data, WIFI and Bluetooth to eliminate this emission. A nice bonus will be that the battery will last much longer.

Video - Radiation from iPhones in different modes -

Video - Radiation from Android phone in different modes -

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