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Saturday, February 13, 2016

How to setup a Wired internet tablet with wired keyboard and mouse?

This explanation video comes to show a way to connect your tablet to a wired internet connection so people with EHS could use it.
In addition, in the second part of the video I show how to connect the same tablet also to a wired keyboard and mouse to create a full, easy to use, low EMF/ELF/RF/EMI working setup.

Some EHS kids are left out from their school or class mates because they can't use whatsapp.
Some EHS people can't use a PC, laptop, or PC screen, even if wired, because of the low ELF/EMI/EMF radiation emitted from the parts. Using a wired connected tablet might be away to solve both the problems above and it is not to expensive or complex.

Please note:
1. Items from ebay -  there are a lot of similar items out there, not all will work,  I was lucky and all worked in the first try
2. The tablet's OS needs to include the net card drivers. not all include it. I recommend to get the micro USB network card and then test on several tablets that your friends have, or that are presented in stores before buying.
3. Installation of whatsapp application on the tablet is possible but not face forward. It is not explained in this video.

1. a Tablet that support a micro USB wired network card.
2. a Micro USB wired network card that supports the tablet's OS -
3. a Micro USB to 4 USB Hub - press here for similar items on ebay
4. a USB male to Micro USB female converter - press here for "
5. a wired keyboard and mouse

Link to video :

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