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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scientist - EHS Studies must be based on objective and not subjective measurements

In his recent postDariusz Leszczynski is speaking the voice of reason. Calling for objective studies
about EHS and EMF effect, and not the problematic subjective studies that we come to know.

I could not agree more with Dariusz Leszczynski. EHS studies must relay on objective measurements and not subjective. It is OK to ask the subjects how they feel(in addition to the objective measurements), but one must understand that EHS symptoms are not a ON/OFF switch, and not all EHS people react the some way.

It is also important to make sure that the subjects are exposed to the type of EMF that they are most sensitive to and that the sham exposure is indeed a sham (not as done in many EHS studies such as

In addition, I must say that the seven stages described in Maël Dieudonnés' study (onset of symptoms, failure to get a (medical) solution, EHS discovery, gathering of information about EHS, implicit appearance of conviction, experimentation, conscious acceptance of conviction)
are very similar to what happened to me and what I see in many people that come to me for help. People sometime suffer for years and years before considering EMF as the possible cause for their symptoms. The blame for that are the medical services and professionals, along side with lobbyist advocates, scientist, WHO, ICNIRP, industry and others that try to calm the public saying EMF does not cause any health effect.

In stage #6 "experimentation" a person should try to reduce exposure, both by stop using RFR emitting devices and if needed using protection. This should be done along side with using an object tool for EMF measurements, and then find out and see to which types of EMF he or she is most sensitive to and if EMF reduction helps his/her condition.

One should also make every effort to break away from the emotional and mental side of the pain and suffering. Failing to do so will only make things worse as the pain and suffering might create a post traumatic reaction that will cause the pain and symptoms to come quicker, be much more intense, and stay for longer. A good way to do that is to try and help others, become an activist or create some creative project that have something to do with EHS.

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