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Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Connected & Influencing - technology in the eye of stockholders" - convention and working group - ISRAEL 18/6/2015

On the 18/06/2015 I took part in the "Connected & Influencing - technology in the eye of stockholders" - convention and working groups. The convention was held in the "Holon Institute of Technology" and was arranged by TNUDA, the Israeli information center for EMF radiation, lead by Prof Sigal Sidesky (who's affidavit to the supreme court  supported the deployment of WIFI  in schools).

The convention appeared to be a closed convention for ALL stockholders of EMF radiation. How ever none of the activist were invited. Myself and other activists and EHS people enlisted to the convention online. After lots of efforts, pressure , only me and Mr Rony Keler from the "Forum For Sine Cellular" were approved to join.  Attorney Dafna Tachover, an EHS person and a leading activist, both world wide and in Israel, asked several time to join the convention and was refused again and again. Dafna even appeared at the door step and was refused to enter. It is a shame that was not granted access. It is a big mistake that EHS and EMF activist were not informed or invited to the convention, as we are the most effected by EMF. I would like to see Dafna and other activist taking part in future activities like this. In addition to myself and Rony, Prof' Elihu Richter (who vouched for me) and Dr Yael Stain (both studies EHS and EMF health effects) attended the convention as well.

The opening welcome speeches 

The opening welcome speeches

The opening lecture by PhD Jhon Swonson.

The convention started with a presentation " Precaution – ensuring safety or spreading superstition?” by PhD Jhon Swonson. Being a industry man, his lecture was somewhat biased but still interesting.

Then we were divided into 4 "brain storm" working groups:
1. Communication Technologies and wide aspects of Health.
2. Communication Technologies in the public domain
3. Uses of Communication Technologies in the schools' environment.
4. Copping with the rapidly changing Communication technologies.

In the working groups we were requested to rise issues from 3 entities point of view:
1. The individual
2. Society
3. Interest factors.

Then we were requested to explain the issue, it's insulation and implementation blockers.

The output was then summarized into short tables and presented in the main auditorium.
Among other points in the summary, the subject of EHS recognition, providing accessibility to EHS people to public buildings and services, WIFI free schools, radiation free zones, biological standards for EMF and other progressive steps and aspects were stood out, The output should now be summarized into a booklet. I hope these new progressive pro-EHS, pro-low Radiation points will be included in the booklet and will not find there way out for political reasons, as it is usually the case..

In the picture - presenting the output of the working groups.

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