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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Israel parliamentary education committee - facing EMF exposure danger in schools - 6/01/2015

On the 6/01/2015 there was a special followup discussion in the Israel parliamentary education committee about facing EMF exposure danger in schools in Israel.
The main speakers were head of the committee PM Mitzna Amram, Phd Ofer Rimon from the education ministry (the person who is the head of the ministry WIFI program), Profw Stilian Gelberg - head of the radiation and noise department in the ministry of environment protection.
A number of activist and parents also took part, Rony Keller - head of the sane cellphone forum, Ben ami Yakov - from the sane cellphone forum, Yael Levin mother to an EHS child, and myself - Amir B.- EHS person and activist.
While most speakers considered ELF magnetic fields as the most problematic issue in schools, we claimed that WIFI and cellphone use in school are to worse case scenario and that kids are already suffering.

From the Knesset web site (translated by google - ):
"Knesset Education Committee headed by MK Mitzna held a follow-up discussion this morning on coping with the threat of radiation in schools and educational institutions.

Parents' organizations attending the hearing warned of the increasing use of wireless networks in the education system and the damage caused to children EHS. The discussion also focused radiation power sources such as power lines, electrical cabinets and so on. The parents sought to compel the local authorities, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment publish transparent and accessible to the radiation test results educational institutions, and ways to deal with the problem. Electric Company was asked to publish an accessible place, inform the public, the location of power lines and the actions carried out to prevent radiation in the public domain.

The Education Ministry said at the meeting that they operate in accordance with the precautionary principle and that the circulars were distributed to schools requiring CEO minimize the radiation wireless networks - "We have determined that wherever you can use a wired network, that he would," said Dr. Ofer Rimon, Director ICT Administration information Systems & Technology Vamsrd education. He added that were made for more than 1000 tests in schools with regard to radiation and wireless networks was a problem. "We find that quite a few exceptions radiation power sources and send the reports to the Ministry of the Environment and local authorities for further treatment."

Zohar Lavie, electric company representative said that the electric company will conduct a survey in the coming year of all the sources of ELF - close to schools (radiation power sources).

Committee Chairman MK Amram Mitzna, there is a number of visits schools where radiation levels were abnormal, said that radiation treatment is to address the local authority and is the one who has to find the experts examine the radiation and minimize the damage. Chairman of the Committee recommended that the Ministry of Education to carry out radiation tests in schools by weak municipalities or computers that do not have environmental units, adding that transparency and cooperation with parents and parent organizations necessary for calm winds and effective treatment for the problem."

The full video of the meeting:

Chairman of the committee, PM Mitzna Amram,

Rony Keller - head of the sane cellphone forum,

 Ben ami Yakov - from the sane cellphone forum, 

Yael Levin - mother to an EHS child, 

 and myself - Amir B.- EHS person and activist.

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