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Saturday, January 17, 2015

17/1/2015 - Demonstration against WIFI in schools , Tel Aviv , ISRAEL

Tonight , the 17 of January 2015, at 10'c and 4-30mW/m^2 RF levels, a small group (about 70 people) of Activists, EHS people , parents and kid joined in a demonstration to stop the deployment of WIFI and wireless laptops and tablets in Israeli schools. As the court discussions are coming to a near stop (next hearing is on 11/2/2015), this is the first step in the field activities that we hope will bring a stop to the deployment of WIFI in schools.

Among the speakers: Mor Sagmon, Dafna Tachover, Ran Greenburg,  Yael Levin, Shirit Ivri, Ami Ben Yakov and my self.

Please see bellow pictures from the demonstration.
In the big sign "We want to live" , in the small sign "radiation overdose kill"

"No to cell towers near schools"

In the center "Our kids are not guinea pigs"

In the bigger sign "brains(common sense) or suffering


  1. It was a good demonstration - kids and their parents came along to demonstrate despite the cold weather and the high level of radiation in the area - as the demonstrators must be seen and heard. I am highly impressed!