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Thursday, December 18, 2014

EHS Refugee on the IDF radio midday show

Yesterday (17/12/2014) the midday radio show on the IDF radio broadcast about 40 minutes of interviews and stories about EHS and EHS persons. One of the main stories was about Sara (alias name) which is now an EHS refugee, which had to leave her house and now find refuge in boom shelters, underground parking and abandoned houses.
The following link is for Google translation of the article about her that was published today on the IDF radio web site. The article was written by Yaara Shapira, health and environment reporter.

Along side with Sara others were interviewed:
Sigi and her together, both EHS, Amir Borenstein(my self), Atr Dafna Tachover and Prof Sigal Sidesky who is the adviser for the ministry of health and the head of the Israeli knowledge center for Non-ionizing radiation which represent the approach of the WHO on the subject (EHS is not caused by radiation exposure).

picture from the IDF radio web site

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