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Friday, September 12, 2014

3 cases of EMF radiation in Israeli schools were reported in the Israeli media in the last few days

In 3 different accessions the issue of EMF in schools has appeared in the Israeli media.
First came out a report in the IDF radio that ELF magnetic fields test found that 35 schools in the city of Netanya (   were exceeding the Israeli Ministry of Health recommendation of 4 mG for children's.

The first report was followed by a report in Channel 2 News of a school in Netanya(  in which the head master and 3 girls got cancer in the last few years. The 3 girls where from the same class. ELF radiation report that was brought to me shows magnetic fields higher than 2 mG in several locations in the schools, including in classes.
In addition to the ELF problems inside the school, this school has a cellphone mast hidden in a building next to it, WIFI routers are deployed in the school classes, there are solar electricity panels and power converters installed around the school, and their is no restriction on the use of cellphones in the classes.

The third report, so far published in local media, was of 2 schools in a planed to be "green" neighborhood in the city of Cfar Saba, which are 150m from several cell phone towers. In addition this schools seems to have WIFI routers deployed in it and their is no restriction on the use of cellphones in the classes.
It seems (after talking to some of the parents) that some kids there already have symptoms of EHS due to the RF exposure. Some of the parents are going on strike, not sending their kids to school for couple of hours every week. They hope this will encourage to city management to do more.

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