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Monday, May 5, 2014

Activity Summary report - 04/2014 - "No Radiation For you"

Activity Summary Report 04/2014

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activists and EHS people.
Please see below the summary report of my activities in the blogs and sites I manage in the fields or EMF and EHS.
April 2014 was very meaningful month since we had great progress with the Supreme Court Low Suite to stop WIFI in schools in Israel (see below).

Sometimes I feel that I am working too hard, some people ask why I am working so hard.My answer is that I have no choice. The expected increase of use in the wireless technology (4G, 5G, Wifi in schools, smart meters, smart cities, internet of things and so on…) will be overwhelming. It is possible that time is running out, WE must do our best to ease the suffering of those who were already hurt and do our best to stop, or at least delay, the deployment of  wireless technologies while making more people aware of the risk and possible health damage.

Main events in 04/2014

1.       WIFI in Schools ISRAEL Supreme Court Appeal – In the last hearing on the 23/04/2014 the court issue a Conditional Injunction after asking the state's attorney about the number of schools in which WIFI was installed and why no test was done to make sure how many kids in the education system are suffering from EHS. The court got the same old excuses.  Attorney Michael Back (in the court room) and attorney Dafna Takeover (in letters to the court) repeatedly asked for a temp injection, but the court denied it. Conditional Injunction was a great achievement and now the state has until 15/07/2014 to explain why it can't deploy wired networks in schools.
It is still "not in the bag", but I believe that the court was convinced that the state is saying wired and deploying WiFi, and that kids are getting sick from the radiation.
2.       I took part in the effort to prepare 5 affidavits to the Supreme Court regarding the law suit against the installation of cellphone antennas on building in residential areas (cellphone companies are installing small but powerful cell phone antennas which are put inside 80X50X30cm boxes and are installed on balconies and roofs of building. This way the cellphone companies avoid the need to get building permits for the antennas and are able to deploy them easily and fast while the people can't oppose the installation). The affidavits were written by 5 people who are victims of such antennas installations from all around the county. The affidavits were filed to the court by attorney Michael Bach who represents the "Cellphone Sane Use Forum".   
3.       I took part in the demonstration of parents from the "NEGBA" primary school and Kiryat Gamin neighborhood in Rishon Lezion regarding their requested removal of cellphone antennas that were installed on a shopping center, just 25 meters from the school, and that possibly caused 70 kids to become EHS.
4.       I met with ENG. Lloyd Morgan and Prof. Elihu D Richter and we discussed EMF activism, EMF measurements, WIFI in schools and EHS condition. The meeting was very good and I hope we will collaborate in the future.

In the last month I continued to focus on the following issues:

1.       Activities to stop the deployment and use of WIFI in Israeli schools –We are waiting to the next hearing at 15/07/2014
2.       Support local anti radiation groups around ISRAEL regarding cellphone masts and WIFI in schools.
3.       EHS support (personal support, face to face in Israel and via email to the rest of the world).
4.       Raise EHS and EMF health risk awareness in ISRAEL and worldwide.

Main site (since 2010)

New page

·         Forum - new! New Google group for the site

Pages that were updated

1.       EMF safety standards now includes quotes from the ICNIRP docs showing the standard is not a protective standard
2.       TV shows, interviews and reports related to EHS and EMF/EMR was update with new interview of activist 


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For EHS By EHS site –

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New posts

1.    WIFI in school, Israeli Supreme court case - UPDATE - Conditional Injunction was issued!!!

2.    My Comment to "Conclusions of the Canadian report confirm that EHS research, and its review, are polluted by the bad science" on BRHP blog.

3.       Anti cellphone Antenna rallies in Rishon Lezion, Israel

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3.       Video and audio reports from Israeli TV and radio
b.      3 others reports in Hebrew.

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The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Amir Borenstein

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