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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Message was received from Sofia - power is still cut off because I refuse a smart meter

Message was received from Sofia ( and EHS person from Australia that refuses a smart meter after the last one installed on here house cause here condition to worsen) at 06:12 AM, 26/03/2014 :

"We are still without the power. They lied to Rabi. He got involved and they promised to him that the power will be restored after I pay for relocation of Meter Box and they will install the Manually read Interval meter without transmitting device. After all has been done, they tried to install the smart meter. since I've refused, we are still without power. My daughter has now nervouos breakdown and find it difficult to study. No one wants to help.
Rabi keeps calling Gov Departments, Ombudsman - no replies :((

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