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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stop WIFI in school court case in ISRAEL - update 01-2014

At 27/01/2014, Attorney Dafna Tachover submitted her reply to the court.
Her 20 pages response (which was cut down from 85 pages)  including 5 experts opinions regarding EHS, an Israeli RF experts opinion on the problems and laws in the RF measurements as currently conducted in schools in Israel and explain why the outcomes of measurements in classrooms are usually bellow 0.1uW/cm2, a review of 15 scientific papers on the biological effect of WIFI radiation and many other evidence.
Please read more about attorney Dafna Tachover reply at – 

A few days after the response was submitted, on 3/2/2014, the Supreme Court issued an intermediate decision as follows:

  1. it did not issued and intermediary injunction until final decision,
  2. The court ordered the respondents to provide and updated information as requested in July regarding WIFI deployment and EHS. 
  3. The court scheduled a hearing for 24 April ,2014.

The Court ordered the government to submit an updated information 20 days before the next hearing as followed:
1. In how many schools wired internet network was installed.
2. In how many schools the wired network is used during classes.
3. Number of EHS students and what was done in order to find them.
As before the answers should be submitted with an affidavit.
Please read more about the court's intermediate decision from 03/02/2014 -

My review

I did not expect much from the court, but I am a little bit disappointed that it did not find it necessary to give an intermediary injunction to stop the irradiation of kids in schools in ISRAEL, at least until a final decision is reached especially considering that Dafna Tachover provided evidence of 13 students who are already sick. It is possible that the court do not want to take this action now, and allows the ministry of education to update the data presented on it's last reply (in 70% of schools that are included in the report 75% of them had WIFI installed. No information was provided regarding how many schools have wired Internet in the class rooms and no info how many schools are using it during classes. Regarding EHS the ministry of education brought a letter of prof' Sigal Sidesky in which she claimed that there is no evidence that EHS is caused by RF radiation and that there is no diagnostic criteria there for she thinks that it is impossible to conduct am inquiry as to how many students already suffer from EHS).

Next hearing will be in April 2014, which means that the kids who are already suffering from the WIFI and RF radiation from other devises such as smart phone in their schools, will continue suffering at least 3 more months. I am an EHS person and I could not sustain WIFI and smart phone radiation in classrooms for more then few minute. I could not imagine what I would do if my child had to go to schools and be exposed to  WIFI and smartphones radiation all day, every day.

Many parents were hoping that after a year and a half, the the court will finally reach a decision and would not drag the case further. But is seems that the gap between, one one hand, the facts regarding the existing science which proves that WIFI radiation is dangerous and the reality of sick children that we presented to the court and on the other hand the misconception of wireless technology regarded as "safe" by the public and possibly also by the court (this misconception is influenced by the industry backed-up by wrong "scientific consensus" and experts that say "EHS is not relay caused by RF" and "WIFI, or EMF in general, is safe"). It is also possible that the court is given the ministry of education 3 more months to claim down the tree.

What we did so far:

Attorney Dafna Tachover brought to the court every explanation and prof why WIFI should be turned off. Dafna and Attorney Michael Bach proved to the court that all the official document that were issued by the ministry of education, noting that wired networks should be preferred, were only a cover up operation while the ministry of education encouraged, supported and pushed for WIFI as an only option.
Attorney Dafna Tachover brought all the explanations why the use of wireless devices and WIFI in side classes is a bad move (much worse than the situation in an apartment or house that has WIFI, few wireless computers, cordless phone, and few smartphones - backed-up by an RF expert view from ISRAEL), about EHS being a real condition caused by EMF exposure and a possible outcome for many students in wireless classrooms (backed-up by 5 experts views from around the world). In addition Dafna submitted more than 10 affidavit of EHS people , and affidavit from parents of more than 10 kids who are already suffering from EHS symptoms in school days.

But it seems that the gap is still too big. What we showed and prove the court is relay hard to grasp if you don't understand the technical details(sometimes even if you do), if you are not an EHS person your self or when you use the wireless devices daily and feel nothing. The disinformation in this field is so wide that people buy and use these devices without relay understanding the danger. Most of them don't even understand that the RF radiation is making them sick when it does.

What needs to be done now?

  1. In my opinion the fight should go back the ground level.
  2. Parents of EHS students should order their kids to stay out of classes in which WIFI and wireless laptops or tablets are used.
  3. Parents of EHS students need to face the schools and demand to band the use of wireless and cellphone technologies in schools. 
  4. We need to address the media and try to improve the awareness of the public.
  5. We must make an effort to get to more parents that their kid might be EHS, and give them tools and info to diagnose their kids and to help them reduce their exposure.
  6. Parent of EHS kids needs to attend the next parliament education comity meeting and sound their voice!
  7. Parent of EHS kids needs to attend the next court sitting.

Bellow is the court intermediate decision (in Hebrew)

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