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Monday, September 23, 2013

Appearance on the morning TV show in ISRAEL

Last week (11/09/2013) I took part in a discussion about WIFI network deployment in Tel Aviv-Jafa city, on the channel 10's morning TV show with Guy and Orly (2 famous TV announcers).
I presented the case of EHS people who suffer for low levels of EMF, and for which an additional wireless network deployment will be a serious downgrade to what ever is left from their life quality.

The video is in Hebrew, I am the man in black shirt (far right side).

Please see transcript of the discussion, translated with Google translator(and written by Yudith S.) bellow:

Part 1 : With Alon Solar- Intro

Orly Vilnai = OW
 Guy Meroz = GM
 Alon Solar = AS

OW : Well . Now the story of the wireless web. First of all greetings - Alon Solar, you are the initiator , right , of the whole idea ?
AS : Yes.

OW : That would be our only reminder . But he also belongs to ... ( looks at her papers ) I'll tell you ... " Young List " ....

GM : ... no ...

OW : I want to say it ( in physical face towards Guy Meroz ) that young people bring to the future.

GM : Good .

OW : Tell me, how long it took to work on this idea , the network of Tel Aviv ?

AS : Unfortunately, the moment the idea took even a little more than two years , until it actually happened now . It really started the idea , feasibility test of how this happens . We found , and ... that ... the truth , to my surprise , that this step is really very avant-garde . He had , he has no real parallel in these volumes . Not only in the country, the world. Specific locations in places they have paid . Ah ... Berlin , by the way , recently retinal , but long after we started the idea .

GM : But ... let's be clear about practical moment . I walk around the street. I live Weizmann Street Tel Aviv. I turn around there ... It started today , yesterday already started ... ?

AS : It's ...

GM : I turn Weizmann . I ... I have Wei from the street?

AS: Most streets ... Most central areas there . For that matter, you talk to me about Weizmann ...

GM : Hayarkon Park ...

AS: In ( swallows letters) ... Will Hayarkon Park , Park Hayarkon - have , or will ... In ... State Square - there . In ... Ibn Gabirol - there .

GM : Jaffa , well , right?

AS : I mean in all areas ... in Jaffa , south of the city .

GM : Okay .

AS : ... north city

OW : certain sites ?

AS : ..... We test all the ... The idea was to network central sites , the entire Gaza beach, all the main avenues in the city, parks, gardens, shopping centers , and by the way - I just have to say that ... uh ... now out 80 great sites ... Rothschild For example, this one site ... From six sites - twenty sites we decided to spend the public, the public will decide where he wants to be the sites. We took Bfisbok questionnaire that each offer where he wants that ...

GM : And these selected places ?

AS: additional sites will be . 20 more yet to adolescence and there will be ... But that ...

GM : But say, I live in Rothschild , OK ... And Rothschild , well networked , right?

AS: Right.

GM : Is this also by formation penetrated my apartment ? Can I enjoy free Faye hooks , and undo the hundred dollars a month I pay for ...

AS : Basically , the idea is in the public domain , the ....

GM No, I mean , is it like that ...

AS : The ... purpose, the infrastructure provider actually makes the networking , aiming it into the public sphere , the boulevard itself. It has data leakage deficiencies here and there ....... As you probably live in an apartment I'm sure you also see the apartment next to you , and maybe the building next to you and the coffee shop downstairs. It could very well be if you're right there, now and then fail to earn , and earn.

OW : That's not the goal.

GM No, but it's not a bad idea that can be saved to the ...

 Part 2 with Professor Siegel Sadezky

Orly Vilnai = OW Guy Meroz = GM Siegel Sadezky = SS
 From minute 2:21 :

OW : Now , that's the best part , it was charming , and welfare of the residents and all. Now for some bad Hawley . Professor Sadezky ..

SS : Yes

OW : We risky entire city will be networked ?

SS : Well, this is dangerous very big question . The question is how do you define " risk ." Dangerous to travel to Eilat ....

GM : No, some looked up how dangerous it is ?

SS : Look . The story of electromagnetic radiation , we talked about a lot here too often , and we suspect danger . World Health Organization decided concluded that radiation is a possible carcinogen and the like.

You have to understand two points I want to talk about. The first point is the point of truly public space . Asked a question, need to understand that technology and exposure we give to the environment is really environmental pollution . This is true if we have transportation , it is true that we have electricity network , it is also true that we have a network according to Wei .

As in principle constitute radiation is relatively low under , but depending on what the uses, how will uses. And it may also increase. No doubt language we do environmental pollution , and should really think - not only the rights of people who want to use , but also for those people who are going to go and park the sea , where they want to have clean air , clean water and so on. And more ...

OW : What 's more dangerous - bus passes pollutant or networking of ... ?

SS It's not relevant , because it environmental contamination and environmental contamination . Now , the question is really public space - whether we have a right to pollute the public space .

GM : And the learned response ?

SS : It's not that I should answer it . It's a question ...

GM : That - what?

SS : That's not true pollute the environment and require people to live with more exposure they might not want them - because of fashion , or because of technology, and to minimize as much , I think as a citizen to be underestimated.

Now, I want to say anything more complicated than that. I highly disturbing topics that mean something to the right hand and the left hand one says something else. Today there is a petition to schools , the schools issue . Petition to stop the formation ..... According schools. This issue we are dealing with it when on one side is at stake pedagogical needs , and on the other is the point we are forced to reveal how all children .

Now, I want to ask something : and the court refers to that very, very seriously , and there is also another issue of people who say they are sensitive to radiation .

GM : one sits next to you .

SS : Now ...

GM : Yes

SS : My question is this: Is it really could be a situation where schools are discussing this issue in HC and say , and seriously discuss - Do we have the right to show the children in the schools , on the other hand, the baby is not even in school - half year old baby , when I go out with a cart Hayarkon Park - Is it right to force expose it .

Part 3 - with Amir Borenstein and Getting Responses

Orly Vilnai = OW
Guy Meroz = GM
Amir Borenstein = AB
Alon Solar = AS
Sigal Sidesky - SS

 GM : Chairman stated by you ..
OW : Amir Borenstein

GM : And ... Amir , you are suffering from radiation . When did you find it?

AB : First time was in 96 or so military, when I took the first call connects ...

GM : Cell phone . And immediately felt in your head, right?

AB : Yes.

GM : And then differentiated as having a hypersensitivity to radiation ?

AB : That moment when ... I Electrician . So straight ... I realized the connection between the radio transmission from the mobile and physical feeling I feel. Ah ... I kept more or less regular live ten years . Just not used .

GM : You do not use a mobile phone?

AB : Well not today. I do not use wireless anything .

GM : Neither speaker , not on .. ?

AB : no .

OW : You feel my phone away ?

AB : I am now paying for their stay here in this space ...

A. , And : What , really?

AB Yes, pain ...

GM : What does this mean for you from formation increased in Tel Aviv. Does it mean for you?

AB : This is another infection . This is another infection that accumulates ( Guy Meroz interrupted ) on the spectrum ...

GM : ....

AB : Yes. I was in Tel Aviv yesterday . EHS I try to trim her house . Ah ... Treated several sources of radiation coming from the neighbors and from the street . And even more infections now enters her house , and have to deal with.

People like me , when I have to go on the street , I have to wear a hat , I have to wear protection . Ah ...

GM : so ....

AB : Yes. If I do not do it , I just will have less time ...

GM : How like you live in Israel. Do you know ? Have you checked it?

AB : I personally know more than a hundred people and hundreds of people around the country. And the world - thousands. Ah ... Not all of them turn to me . Who contacts me getting help , uh ... As possible. There EHS Israel activists are active . There is active in the United States that helps bad. There - the estimate is between ten and twenty percent. I do lectures and classes at ...

OW : ten to twenty percent of the population ?

GM : EHS ?

AB : Yes ....

OW : So, help me with the symptoms. It's not just a headache that comes and goes gold one . Right?

AB : No, it's a headache ...

OW : ... What is it?

AB : Most people are sensitive to radiation , not yet even know they are sensitive . What they feel , or heat at the face, and after they talk mobile , cellphone case we take the tip , or they feel the start of headaches or tingling in any interior , or tingling in the hand because of Smartphones .

GM : numbness in hand ? You got it (sometimes) . (With face Orly Vilnai )

OW : Yes ( voice frail and miserable )

GM : No, seriously.

OW : Yes.

AB : So the fact sensitive to radiation light . There are three levels of sensitivity to radiation . Has the symptoms are relieved after a few minutes. Reducing exposure, reducing exposure - now every mouthful table , and I assume you use every day.

OW : Yes.

AB : So it will not go away ... And .. Intermediate level , it's actually more symptoms such as chest tightness , such as difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeat , chronic fatigue , difficulty concentrating . Complete list of severe symptoms ...

GM : ( turns to Orly Vilnai ) and mumbles ) ... And what you have ...

OW : ( Orly Vilnai said Guy Rose interrupted her to ) - ... is what I have then ...

GM : What do you say to these people ?

AS: I must say ..

GM : With all the desire for progress and everything?

AS : First of all, when I thought of this idea before I turned and looked the same applicable talking about it ... I called the Ministry of Environmental Protection. I checked who is responsible for the radiation issue in Israel. Department Manager responsible for noise radiation in Israel , the Ministry of Environmental Protection. I asked him whether this can be problematic , what are the risks , what are the implications ,

 Do I need special permits . I was told unequivocally that ... Yes, there is radiation. But there is radiation from a router that is located on a lamppost or a structure .

OW : So let's add more.

AS: Radiation as one of these phones . No one regular phone , lonely , it's actually such a router , one router to serve all the people . Total no added value of the existing radiation thing .... And that's what I say.

 Part 4 - from minute 8:09

Orly Vilnai = OW Guy Meroz = GM Oak diesel = ES Siegel Sadezky = SS Amir Borenstein = AB

AS : ... such radiation of a single regular phone and one router to serve all the people . Total no added value of the existing radiation thing. And that's what I'm telling you ...

GM : ( Sigal Sadezky ) that the so specialized . Accurate Radiation plug it all in one mobile device hanging ..

SS . : Look, I have not checked . They turned Stylianou Gilberg . Professor Gilberg , which is a very, very serious , and he did not trust any radiation in Israel. He is responsible for the health of the ... of environmental protection in this matter.

GM : What is your position ... ?

SS : Well, I do not know the technical details . I trust Stelian about technical details . But , first of all a question of principle , and secondly we already know how to go to these technologies . Level of exposure today is not the level of exposure of tomorrow , and the day after. Because these technologies are advanced .

GM : Clear not enough years examined what it does ...

SS : I want to ask : With all due respect to it that Israel always do everything first - really we need to do everything first ?

GM : ... This bike was brilliant

SS : Not at first. Listen I've seen in other countries ... ( Voices ) were green long before .

GM : New York is much more advanced .

SS : New York is not so advanced . In many European countries it was before .....

Part 5 - Conclusion

Orly Vilnai = OW Guy Meroz = GM Siegel Sadezky = SS Oak diesel = ES Amir Borenstein - AB

( Voices , almost everyone is talking at once ) .... New York .... Armstrong .... ( end of part 4 )
OW : darling , ....

GM : How do you identify ?

AS : It also .... ( Here ends the night votes )

 OW : Your summary statement that you most suffer from this story .

AB : Yes. I want to note about Stelian 's opinion on this issue - what you said is very, very technical abstraction , even unacceptable . I Electrician , I can attest to this subject . This is ... Actually more pollution . If we put nearly twenty bags of garbage , and then we added five more bags of garbage - and said " we did nothing , it was junk ."

OW : anyway would have been garbage.

AB : It's not right to do it.

AS: I have one word to say - this project , as I said , it has been over two years , and is communicated from day one. Public Tenders , All Public . I was interviewed about it many times, it was written in the local newspaper . First time I heard these complaints , beyond the first test is yesterday.

GM Get used to it .

AS : I have to say. No, it's not me . I and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa. We hear it now. We will be sensitive . Check it more in depth .. But we - the technology is according to Wei , do not change her, do not change it more dangerous technology .

OW : I hope there was no harm to anyone. For those who want information about what you tell him, you have a blog called :

AB : Website - "Without Radiation For You " -

OW : "No Radiation For You "

AS : Way we all be Healthy .

GM : Thank you

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