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Monday, July 1, 2013

Activity Summary report 05-06/2013 - "No Radiation For you"

Activity Summary report 05-06/2013

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activist and EHS people.
Please see below the summery report of my activities in May and June 2013.

In the last month I was focused on the following issues:

1.       Activities to stop the deployment and use of WIFI in Israeli schools  - the reply of all the sides were committed to the supreme court. Next sitting will be at 17/07/2013.
2.       Raise EHS and EMR health risk awareness
3.       EHS support (personal support, face to face in Israel and via email to the rest of the world).

Special events:

1.       2 articles that I wrote, about cellphone mast and reduction of EMF radiation, were published in a general activism Israeli site.
2.       For the first time 10 EHS people from all around Israel met and discussed future cooperation.
3.       A new site in Hebrew about EMF and EHS was build and released by me and other EHS people in Israel –

New page

·         DANX EHS story was added

·         New pages about the recommended EMF meters:


o   TRI FIELD 100 XE

o   KAISE SK8301

Pages that were updated

·         Question and answer page was added with these questions:
·         More minor updates to other pages.


 May 2013:

·          Visits 3,541

June 2013:

·          Visits 3,730

For EHS By EHS site –

A new site that offers special items for EHS people that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

New Pages:

·         No new pages

Page that were updated:

·         Minor updates on other pages


 May 2013 :

·          Visits 755

June 2013 :

·          Visits 760

English blog -

New posts

1.       Electric RF emitting smart meters were deployed in ISRAEL

2.       RF protective Jacket for EHS people

3.       EHS in the front page in ISRAEL leading web news site

4.       RF EMF Protection Hats

5.    Wireless addicts and zombies

May – More than 2000
June – More than 2000

YouTube channel -

New clips

  1. RF EMF/EMR Protection pants for EHS people
  2.  RF EMF/EMR Protection Jacket for EHS people
  3.   RF EMF/EMR Protection hats
  4. Anti antenna Demonstration, ISRAEL 03/05/2013
  5. PONGE RF EMR Blocking Fabric with layer of glue

May - More than 5350
June – More than 4260


Hebrew site –

·         4 new pages
·         5 page was updated
·         Visits: May>2200, June>2380


Hebrew blog -

·         30 new posts
·         Views: More than 2000 in each of the last 2 months.

The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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