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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wireless addicts and zombies

iPad, iPhones, Smart-phones, cell-phones are fun and addicting.
Every function of these devices is designed to be addicting with their funny, cute, humanistic feedback and lots of stimulation.
Adults, parents, kids, and even babies are addicted.
The addiction of a person to these smart, fast changing, colorful, full of stimulation devices will cause him to see other daily operation like working, reading, creating stuff, playing outdoors, having social life outside the virtual works as boring.
While addicted, users from all age groups are exposed to Radio Frequency radiation that will, in time, create many problematic health side effects.

Already now you can see them, "the wireless zombies" walking down the street looking into their smart phones and missing the world around.

Remember - All people are effected by Electromagnetic Radiation, not all feel the effect.

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