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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Activity Summary report 03/2013 - "No Radiation For you"

Activity Summary report 03/2013

"No Radiation For you"

Hello mates
Please see below the summery report of my activities in March 2013

 In the last month I was focused on the following issues:

1.       Activities to stop the deployment and use of WIFI in Israeli schools
2.       Raise EHS and EMR health risk awareness
3.       EHS support (personal support, face to face in Israel and via email to the rest of the world).

Main site (since 2010)

New page

·         No new pages were added this month.

Pages that were updated

·         I added I Facebook comment plug-in in the bottom of the landing page. Please feel free to add comments and feedback in this plug in -
·         A Link to an Article and video about EHS on the guardian was added to the TV Shows and interviews page -
·         Question and Answers page was update with a new question-


·          Visits 3,110
·          Unique Visitors 2,527
·          Pageviews 4,896
·          Pages / Visit 1.57
·          Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:21
·          Bounce Rate 75.08%
·         New Visits 78.20%

For EHS By EHS site –

A new site that offers special items for EHS people that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

New Pages:

·         "Return policy" page was created -
·         "Delivery system" page was created -
·         "Thanks for buying" page was created -

Page that were updated:

·         No other pages were updated.


·          Visits 565
·          Unique Visitors 438
·          Pageviews 1,270
·          Pages / Visit 2.25
·          Avg. Visit Duration 00:06:52
·          Bounce Rate 65.66%
·         New Visits 73.45%

English blog -

New posts

1.       Cheapest RF protection using aluminum mosquito net

2.        Why the SAR standard is not relevant?

3.       New Israeli study may link cellphone use and Thyroid cancer

4.       "The truth is out there" - a review of Geoffrey Kabat post on cellphone danger

5.       PARTNER, Israeli cell phone company will pay 400000 NIS to a Cancer victim

Views: ~2600

YouTube channel -

New clips

·         4 new videos were created but where not publish yet, this is a first pick:
1.       Radiating Smart meters, Texas, USA –
2.       Aluminum mosquito net blocks RF radiation –
3.       RF blocking wallpaper –
4.       PONG RF blocking fabric with layer of glue -
Views: more than 5384


Hebrew site –

·         No new pages
·         1 page was updated
·         Visits: ~1997


Hebrew blog -

·         12 new posts
·         Views:~2200

The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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