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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"The truth is out there" - a review of Geoffrey Kabat post on cellphone danger

Geoffrey Kabat posted a his criticizing review on Dariusz Leszczynskiarticle Scientific Peer Review in Crisis”. The bellow was written as a comment to Kabats' claims.

In this article Kabat just chat about his personal opinion about the safety of cellphone. Kabat does that by criticizing Dariusz Leszczynski article Scientific Peer Review in Crisis”.
Well, Kabat is  wrong, and I will try to prove my point by telling the readers the truth and adding links to back it up.

The Danish Study – REJECTED!!!
The Danish study took the 200,000 corporate users and put them in the control group.
The Danish study was rejected by the WHO and many other on this ground.

IRNIC – Bias saying "if it does not warm you, it is safe"
The "International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation" is influenced by the industry, some of its' members and leaders work for the electric, electronic or cellphone industries. The ICNIRP does not run studies. ICNIRP just write high none biologic, so called, safety standard that takes into consideration only heat effect of the radiation and none of the biological effects.

The Interphone study – 80% elevated risk
The INTERPHONE study found that people that used the mobile phone for more than 27 minutes a day for 10 years had 40% elevated risk for getting one type of brain tumor. If you look at appendix 2 of it, which try to correct the bias control group, the elevated risk goes up to 80%.

EMR is not strong enough – a physics' jock
To believe that since RF does not have enough energy to break molecules in our body, it does not create change and cause danger in other indirect ways, is just playing dumb
added only to this post - it is like say that water can't break walls because a single drop does not immediate and clear damage to the wall.

Extreme low frequency magnetic field is not dangerous
Well if you believe that it shows on which side of the debate you are. It was already proved that ELF EMR is a promoter of child leukemia back in 2001 (and earlier) when the WHO declared it to be a possible carcinogenic based on several epidemiological studies that showed elevated risk for people living next to electric high power transmission and cable.
Data showing rise in cellphone use related cancer around the world

I hope Kaat will change his mind before it will be too late for him and for those who read his articles and take safety advice from him regarding cellphone use.


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