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Monday, February 25, 2013

The new CORNET ED78G - a good RF/ELF meter

The CORNET ED78 is a new model. It is an improved version of the CORNET ED75.
It is highly recommended as a fist all-in-one  meter for those new to measuring EMF.

The Main new features:
1. Improved more sensitive ELF mode.
2. Up to 8Ghz in RF mode
3. Sound feedback
4. Configurable alarm
5. Shows Average level since power up in RF mode

Old features:
1. Single Axis  RF meter, mW/m2, V/m, dBm up 100MHz-8GHz
2. Single Axis LFE magnetic meter, mGouse, uT
3. Hold button
4. Internal antenna
5. Detailed LCD display
6. Histogram
7. 9V battery.

More details and buy links:

Video link:

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