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Saturday, December 15, 2012

What to do when you got a smart meter installed on your wall

Last week I got an email form a person that lives in a rented apartment and had 11 smart meters installed on the other side of her  bedroom wall. Over the last year this person was exposed to RF EMR from these meters and her health deteriorate, eventually becoming an EHS. 

This is not the first case I tried to help with. It made me come to the understanding that I need to write my reply and recommendations on my blog so other people may read it and use it.

Not just smart meters
Smart meters are not the only source of RF radiation around. The same thing can happen if you are exposed to RF radiation from devices inside your house or from devices in your neighbors' houses. If the devices are inside your house you can move, remove and replace them. If the devices are in your neighbors houses and you share a wall with them, you can do the same as in the case of smart meters as I will explain in the next few lines.

Fight or Fly
What will it be? do you want to leave the house and search for an other house which don't have smart meters installed against one of it's walls?
Or would you stay in this one and try to make things better?

Some Basic info:
Smart meters are being deployed all over the US, CANADA and the EU. 
Smart meters emits a short burst of RF radiation every couple of seconds, usually twice a minute.
These bursts can penetrate the walls and they can cause health problems, like EHS (please see below).
Luckily RF radiation can be blocked and stopped by following the steps below. But before and until taking these steps, you need to put as much distance between you and the smart meters, even if it means not using the room where the smart meters are installed on the other side of one of it's walls.

RF protection steps:
  1. The first step is to measure the RF levels in your house and in your bedroom. As a first RF meter, I recommend the CORNET ED75 RF and ELF meter, which is fast, simple to use, cheap, and very informative.
  2. The second step will be to block the RF using metal mosquito net (very cheap), special RF blocking fabrics, RF blocking paint, RF blocking windows' film or other types of RF shielding
  3. Then you need to measure the RF levels again in order to make sure that the RF shielding is working, after the installation and once every here and then ( in order to make sure the issues is fixed and no new issues have appeared). 
  4. Continue to shield the house, if the RF shielding is not working in 100% and if there is still some RF radiation making it's way into the house.
If the house is a rental, I recommend on hanging some temp protection like the metal mosquito net, some RF blocking fabrics, or RF blocking windows film against the wall. When the rental is done, you can take them off, store them or move them to the next house if needed. Please see the following video about temp RF protections -

If the house is yours, or if you can spear the money, you can paint the walls with RF blocking paint.

Please see more details:



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