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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ever needed to know if you are being radiated?

The Micro Alert 2 - EHS friendly 
As an EHS person I have to be on the lookout all the time. I am extremely sensitive to GSM phones. I need about 10 meters safety distance from these phones when try transmit. When surrounded by people, say on the street, in the mall, or just at work, I was trying to watch and guess which one of them is currently using his GSM phone. I was nerves all the time. Since I got this meter I now longer have to watch out. When set currently  this meter will alert me about GSM or strong RF signals, so I can move away from danger.
I have it for the last 3 yeas , since then I changed it's battery only once. I set it to the background level once in a while and he alert when ever the levels exceeds.
Now I am much more relaxed and I trust it 100%.
The Micro Alert 2 is an EHS person best friend!

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