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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Activity Summary report 10-11/2012

Activity Summary report 10-11/2012

"No Radiation For you"

In the last few months I have been very busy with awareness activities inside Israel which cause me to invest less in the world wide front of EHS and EMR awareness. This is the reason that I have published, updated or created less post and pages in the last few months.

WiFI in schools in ISRAEL

Together with other activists, we are now trying to stop the deployment of WIFI in schools in Israel. The ministry of education have issues a document (together with the ministry of health and the ministry of environmental protection) that recommend on wired network in schools, but it (ministry of education) seems to be pushing WIFI to most schools in Israel. In the last year me and a group of activist, tried to communicate with the ministries, to warn them about WIFI health risk and to stop the deployment. We did have some accomplishment, like for example the introduction of the term "EHS" and other small changes into the ministries' document, and the reply of the head of the ministry of health that called to stop the deployment (while others in the health ministry only recommend to "be careful with it", but in general the WIFI deployment is still the reality. Few days before the school year  started, "The national parents association", "The forum for sane cellphone use" and Attorney (and EHS activist) Dafna Tachover , which are all represented by Attorney Michael Bach filed a law suit to the Supreme court in Jerusalem with a request to stop the WIFI deployment and use in schools.
The media in Israel also handled the subject with the following items, in some we were involved. The following are news items about WIFI in schools in ISRAEL (in Hebrew only):
· - fear of dangerous levels of WIFI radiation in wireless schools, channel 2 04/07/2012
· - Wireless schools in north Tel Aviv

EHS and EMR health risk on the media

During the last few months we have also managed to push for EHS and EMR health risk awareness. Please see the following TV news items regarding EHS and EMR:
· - General EMR and EHS , Channel 2 news - 08/10/2012
·  - EHS, interviews with me and Dafna Tachover, 11/08/2012
· – A debate about EMR health risk, PhD. Zamir Shalita, channel 2 30/08/2012

HPA and HEALTH CANADA WIFI reports review

In addition to that I managed to review the reports about WIFI radiation issued by the HPA and HEALTH CANADA  . In both reports some of the RF levels measured were higher than what I can suffer, and higher than what I and others considered safe. Both reports refer only to the high, none biological, heat effect causing levels that are known as the ICNIRP standard or "safety code 6". For example in the HPA report the max level that was measured near a laptop was 2.2uW/cm2, and the level near the router was 8.7uW/cm2. In the  HEALTH CANADA  report the max level near a laptop was 2.34uW/cm2 and 106-77uW/cm2 next to the router.

Why the official protocol of RF measurement is no longer valid

I am working on a review of the Israeli official protocol for RF measurement and the Israeli standard for RF exposure which is based on the too high ICNIRP standard (10% of ICNIRP is the "environment standard", 100% of ICNIRP is the "Health standard", confused?). I will publish me views on the coming month.

New site –

A one stop shop for EHS people with items I tried myself. Some of the items were developed by me.

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Pages that were updated

·          WIFI in schools
·         Using Cordless phones
·         ECO DECT vs DECT
·         How to measure EMR (DIY)?
·         RF protection
·         Special deals for readers
·         ELF Protection
·         Home use EMR meters

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·         The Supreme Court in Italy - Brain tumor was caused by cellphone!

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