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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summary of July 2012 activity of "No Radiaton For You"

Hello readers, EHS people, supporters and activist.
The last month was another busy month in which I was engaged in awareness activity in the Israeli media. Together with Dafna Tachover and several other EHS and activities we manged to bring EHS to the headline in Israeli main stream media (see the blog for details). Our goals are to get EHS recognized in Israel, to get more EHS people out of the "electric cabinet" and give them the knowledge to help themselves and other, to show that EHS is real, that EHS people are ordinary people and that EHS is the prof that RF and ELF EMR effect humans at very low levels. We are also trying to stop WIFI deployment in schools. So far we got one article in a leading weekend newspaper, 5 interview in a leading radio show, one appearance on TV and several articles in local news paperers. We are currently working (very hard) to continue the momentum and to finalize our first stage of making a stand and bringing EHS to the public awareness, demanding the recognition of EHS by the government.
I hope I will have more good updates soon.

Please see bellow the summary of my activity in the English sites and blogs.

English web site –
Pages that were update with new info
New pages:

Visits: 1,797
Unique Visitors: 1,486
Pageviews: 3,109
Pages / Visit: 1.73
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:03:03
Bounce Rate: 75.29%
% New Visits: 79.86%

Views – 686  

views: 5003
No new clips.

 Hebrew web site - 
4 pages were updated with new text and info.
1 new page was created
Visits: 1,515
Unique Visitors: 1,196
Pageviews: 2,864
Pages / Visit: 1.89
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:20
% New Visits: 75.12%

Hebrew blog -
24 new posts were published
More than 3126 visits to the blog.

I hope to update you soon on more progress on the Israeli EHS/EMR front!

Be Well 
Do Good

Amir Borenstein

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