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Saturday, May 5, 2012

We are all EHS people, we need to come together and we need a leader, maybe Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland will sign up for the job

We are all EHS people, we need to come together and we need a leader.
There are 3 stages or levels to EHS. Mild meaning a person gets a headache or some other symptoms when being in RF or ELF environment after several hours. Mid – meaning you get a headache or some other symptoms after a few minutes of being in an environment of RF or ELF when the symptoms go away hours after the exposure ends. Heavy EHS when even the smallest and shortest exposure to RF, ELF or dirty electricity can cause you severe and sometimes life treating symptoms that go away only after several days or weeks after the exposure ends.

Some of us can still work, or can use the computer but some of us can't even use electricity. Most of us pay an economical, social, and family price for being EHS. We did not choose this condition and we were not born this with it. All we want is to be normal again, to get our life back, to be able to live and enjoy living. However most people will settle for just "not suffering on a daily basis".

Around the world there are people with EHS that are trying to make a difference. Most of them are trying their best agents all odds and with a stiff health price. They try to advocate, tell, teach and educate the public about their condition. They are trying to say "if it happened to us, it can also happen to you" and they are trying to warn the public, governments, scientists and health agencies "we are the canaries of the wireless age, please listen to our story, listen and take a moment to reconsider the wireless madness".

Each and everyone of us that tries to speak up encounters 2 responses. The first response is "you are probably crazy". EHS people are often accused of being crazy, by the public, governments, scientists, medical doctors, health agencies and, of course, the cell-phones and wireless industries. The second response is from other EHS people, "new comers" that just found out about the source of their pain and suffering and "veterans EHS worriers" who try to help, support and offer some comfort.

Our actions are like a drop in the sea and have only a small effect. We can't compete with the money of the wireless and cell-phones industry and their PR campaigns, legal consultation and political lobbying this money is spent on. Every step we and other EMR activist achieve is overrun by one single commercial of a new smart phone or a new wireless service that is being offered. Most of the public remain uneducated about EHS and about the health effect of RF and ELF exposure. It seems that all people wants these days is to read and update facebook statuses using their smart phones.

We need to find a way to accomplish more. We need to make a bigger and more powerful impact on the public, governments, scientists and health agencies. We need to pull together and make a bigger dent on the universe. In order to do that, I think we need a well known, world class, leader.

We need someone who is already a public figure and who is not afraid to say in public "I am an EHS person and there are millions like me". We need someone who would be an example of how it is still possible to have a meaningful life without being glued to a Smartphone or a wireless laptop. We need someone who would dedicate much of his/her time, talent, political experience, strength, knowledge and people skills to promote this important issue. We need someone who has the ability to lead others. Someone who will rise to this difficult challenge of leading a suppressed and oppressed minority of about 10% of the modern world population, before we will become 50% or more. We need someone who will accept the quest of saving the world from it self. We need someone like Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland.

A few years back, when I just heard of Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, who used to be the director general of the WHO and that she is an EHS I was filled with hope. I thought that if she is an EHS, then she probably made an effort and lead the WHO to recognize the EHS condition and to educate the public and the medical ministries around the world, that look up to the WHO for professional guidance. I was suppressed and disappointed that the WHO does not recognize that the cause of EHS is RF and ELF radiation exposure. I was also surprised when I read the WHO "fact sheets" about RF and ELF noting that "there are no advert health effect to RF and ELF.

Since then I followed Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland and searched for any sign of her global influence in the subjects of EHS, RF and ELF radiation. I was surprised again to see that she has none, I expected to here her voice and was surprised when it was silent. It seems that after leaving the WHO Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland did not do anything to promote the awareness of EHS and health effects of RF and ELF. It seems as if she chose the easy way out, but maybe it is not too late for here.

Last week Dr. magda havas asked Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland a question regarding her being an EHS in a conference in Waterloo Canada ( ) . Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland response has created hope in my heart that she might still take the roll and quest of the world leader of EHS people. The fact that she answered her cellphone (and the fact that she actually use one) made me think again.

If Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, will accept the quest, the job and the title "leader of all EHS" I believe she will receive the support of all of us. If she would rise up despite all hardships, challenges, threats and personal pain she would not only find us EHS people united behind her, she would also find her calling, and would be able to fulfill and accomplish an opportunity of a life time, to be the leader of your true public.

Some people (I am no doubt among them) think their condition as an EHS is a challenge given by god, or if you prefer the universe . I don’t think that I was chosen or that I am special in any way, but I do feel and believe that it is my obligation and duty to try and help other EHS, educate and warn people. I do believe that Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland also has an obligation in this field, an obligation that comes with the fact she is an EHS person in a key position.

In my heart I hope that Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, a physician in he background, the former prime minister of Norway, the former Environmental minister of Norway and the former head of the WHO would turn off her cellphone and will become the "leader of all EHS people". I think it is her duty and if she would take the job, despite her incomparable credential of a long career as a world leader, it would probably be the most important job she has ever done!


  1. I previously heard Gro would not allow anyone in her office with a cell phone as she had negative effects from 13 meters away.

    My thinking was she was being "politically correct" as she was speaking in the town where that particular brand had a connection.

    My guess was that was staged, although I do know some who are mildly EHS continue to use cellular until they can no longer tolerate and have no clue what lies in store for them from continued use.

  2. HI and thanks for your comment.

    I personally think that an EHS person who still use a mobile phone on a daily basis is hurting him/her self, hurting other EHS and hurting the cause!

    You know I am Jewish, and I know a religious jew will never even sit in a none Kosher restaurant, because others will say "if he is eating hear then it can't be so bad". When an EHS person is using a cellphone, other people may say the same.

    No Rad