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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The IEC wants better ELF standart (better for them)

The Israeli Electric Company (IEC) wants better ELF standards. These "better" ELF standards are better for the IEC and not for the public. For year the IEC has build it's facilities in a way that danger the public with high levels of ELF, and now instead of improving their facilities they want to improve the ELF exposure standard in Israel so it would be more cost effective.

The IEC base its' opinion on the short term exposure limit of 1000 mG, and reject the finding of studies around the world that showed that levels above 2mG can cause cancer. It also reject the IARC classification of ELF as "possible carcinogenic to humans" from 2002.

Obviously the IEC concern is the money cost and not the health cost each and every one of use will pay.

Link to an Israeli web news site in English:

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