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Sunday, January 1, 2012

summary of 2011

I would like to thank you for all the help and the support in the passing year and to wish you all a very good, happy, healthy and productive new year 2012.

During the last year I have manage to upgrade my website, create new videos and publish more posts on my blogs (see bellow).

I would like to thanks all of you who helped in the process, who read, commented, watched, forward and "liked" the info and videos.

In the field of EMR awareness it has been an impotent year with the classification of RF radiation as "POSSIBLY CARCINOGENIC TO HUMAN" and also other reports about RF and EMR from diffrent countries:

This is a good time to stop and review what I have done in the passing year(2011):

New website that I helped in building(use google translate to view the sites):

Views, visits, videos, new pages and posts:
More than 18000 visits and more than 34000 page views in
More than 8000 visits and more than 16000 page views in
More than 72000 views of videos in our youtube channel ( )
More than 180 posts in the Hebrew blog that now has more than 100000 visits.
12 new posts on the English blog.
~28 new videos on my youtube channle.

Happy new year, Marry Christmas and Happy Hanuka!

May the year of 2012 will be full of good news!

All the best

No Rad (Amir)

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