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Sunday, June 5, 2011


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The WHO ( and IARC ( from last week about RF radiation being "POSSIBLY CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS" is a, "Too little, (almost) too late" conclusion. All the science is available for many years now, and a more drastic conclusion should have been accepted years ago. It seems like the conditions for such a soft decision have lately become right as the science pointing out for risk and harm caused by "low power" RF signals like those that are emitted from cellphones, WIFI routers and other wireless devices and equipment, have piled up, and can no longer be rejected or ignored. The WHO and IARC have came under pressure by reality, and they could no longer hold their old view that there is no risk in exposure to RF radiation. The WHO and IARC holdup of their old views, until few days ago, allowed the deployment of wireless networks around the world, while exposing billions of people to this harming RF radiation. Millions of people have been hurt and millions more will be hurt because of this delay, and on the other hand the delay allowed wireless and Cellphone suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to continue, for years, to push back criticism about the safety of their products and services. The soft decision will allow wireless and Cellphone suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to continue to do so for several years until the public will push for a stricter resolution, laws, and regulations.

In the last 30 years the WHO and IARC, and other bodies, refused to even consider RF radiation has having any health effect other than a heating effect. Even today after the revolutionary resolution was accepted, the IARC and the WHO still do not admit, or accept, the science and proof that point out the facts that low level RF radiation can cause DNA breaks, break blood brain barrier, oxidant stress, and many more influences of RF and ELF radiation. Their view on the matter was that RF radiation that is emitted from cellphones and other wireless equipment does not have enough energy to cause real damages, and for years they continue to argue that (like a broken record) and while people got sick and paid a big price for the WHO lack of understanding. Some people would even say the WHO opinion was shaped by political and financial pressure from the industry.

This resolution of the IARC come out after serious claims where made about conflict of interest of several members of the RF committee of the IARC, and after the chairman, Anders Ahlbom was removed from his position one day before the comity was schedule to meet ( info about ahlbom conflict of interests was exposed by mona nillson(

The resolution came few days after the The Council of Europe called for dramatic reduction in EMF exposure (, few weeks after a similar Russian committee recommend new mobile phone safety warnings for young people( and after a group of scientist said that "Stunning proof" about the link between cellphone and cancer was ignored for years. (

The resolution was based on the results of the interphone study (The intephone study that was finished in 2004 and which results were published after more than 5 years of delay in 2010 and which are consider to be a low assessment and show 40% increased risk to people who used the mobile phone for more than 27 minutes per day), 2 additional new studies that were just published and which are part of the interphone study () , several studies that were done by prof. Lennart Hardell, and a study that was done by Yael Stein and Elihu Richter from the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine in Jerusalem (). All of these research showed a link between exposure to RF radiation and cancer.

In the next few years cellphone companies, manufacturers and distributors, backed up by paid science will try to buy more time on the expense of our health. They will argue that "cell phones today emit less RF radiation that they used to, and that new generations of cell phones will emit even less". They will try to discredit the science that shows the link between RF radiation and cancer, and will try to prove otherwise. They will do anything in their power to stop new laws and regulations that could protect the public and will then say that they act within laws and regulation. They will try to buy their way into committees and decision making boards and will try to influence the future, all so they can make an extra dollar before the public will understand the truth. We must do our best to show the truth and to prevent this from happening.

The WHO's old view from the WHO RF fact sheet: " To date, the only health effect from RF fields identified in scientific reviews has been related to an increase in body temperature (> 1 °C) from exposure at very high field intensity found only in certain industrial facilities, such as RF heaters. The levels of RF exposure from base stations and wireless networks are so low that the temperature increases are insignificant and do not affect human health."(

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  1. Now, no-one will be able to say that they did not know of any health harm from cellphones.

    It is important that the parents explain to their children that the cellphone is not an innocious toy.

    The class (2B carcinogen) classification by (IARC)an arm of the WHO, should send a very strong message to the public, to start looking at this situation in a serious responsible manner.

    In other words the parents are ultimately responsable for the health of their own children.