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Thursday, December 30, 2010

summary of 2010

It has been one year since and became online (exactly on the 1/1/2010)!

It was a wonderful year of taking all the knowledge I have accumulated while trying to cope with my EHS, writing new webpages, blog posts, making video clips (17) and sharing them with the world. It has been a wonderful year of contacting new people via emails, Facebook YouTube, via and using the blogs.

I know that the next year will be even better and together we can help more people improve and protect their lives, and to fight for recognition and for better awareness to EHS and the health problems created by electromagnetic radiation.

This year we had about 8,300 visits to and 18,000 page views. About 3,500 visits were counted to our Hebrew site . In our YouTube channel ( we had about 55,000 views, lots of comments and many "like"s. On the Facebook front we currently have 365 members on our Facebook fan page ( More than 180 new posts were published on our Hebrew blog ( and 36 posts on the English blog (

So, thank you all for the support and cooperation, for reading, viewing and for pressing on the "like" button. Thank you all for helping me in getting the message out there. Thank you all for joining the fight, and most important thank you for raising your voice!

Be well, feel good and have a happy new year!

All the best

No Rad

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