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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new clip - electromagnetic radiation from a desktop working station

Due to lack of space or to lack awareness, some people try to squeeze their PC station into a small space resulting with an unnecessary exposure to EMR.
I this video we will show you the sources for low and high frequency electromagnetic radiation in a PC working station and will give you examples of bad and good arrangements of the PC workstation.



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  4. hello. i was intrigued by your videos about electromagnetic radiation and now that i am aware of its existence I am sincerely concerned that i might be exposing myself and my family to a dangerous environment without knowing and risking our health because of it.

    Sins of ignorance.
    People look for what's new all the time and depends on the technology that is provided by the companies and governments without knowing the basic idea of what it is...

    Technology is everywhere and outrunning our capability to understand it. However, Instead of thinking what it is, we are focused on making our lives more "convenient" and "efficient". I think it's same in food industry.

    We will carefully select our babysitter, school, and neighborhood for the safety, however we will easily accept and welcome unknown attractive magical technology to our home without having a second thought all the time.

    I am so glad that there is someone like you who give out great informations(free) and hope you keep doing what you do!!Thank you:-)!!

    P.S. I have one question for you..
    Is desk top computer emits less radiation than lap top??? I don't wanna avoid use of lap top if it's unnecessary but my job requires net research.

  5. LittleLilly,
    hello and thanks for your comments.

    I suggest you take a pick at my site for more info about Electromagnetic Radition at .

    About your question, both desktop and laptop emits low frequency radiation. both will emit high freqeuncy radiation when connected to the net view WIFI.
    What I do is I keep them both far from me, and use a wired keyboard and mouse and I use a LCD screen.
    If you do that you should be OK.

    In additoin I would suggest buying some simple EMR meters that will alow you to "see" the radiation.

    No Rad