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Monday, September 14, 2009

using a cell phone while driving!

Lots of people are driving their car while holding a cell phone. They Slow down, while not paying attention to the traffic on the road, in order to read a new SMS. They read the newspaper (while driving) and then checking if a new SMS arrived. The bypass a car and then check if some one had called. They slow down and search the cell phone memory for some one they can call.

When a driver use the phone while driving his mind is distracted and the radiation in the car does not help, and may cause the brain and neurological system to slow down his reflex and to make his reaction time longer.

Using a hand free kit does not help, the driver mind is still distracted and his reaction time is getting longer.

Stop it! You need to understand this is very dangerous! A cell phone should be use only in emergency. Using it while driving may lead to an emergency!

An Australian TV program that shows how dangerous it is to use your cell phone while driving.


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