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Friday, July 17, 2009

EMR sources in the workplace

EMR sources in the workplace

The use of electric and electronic equipment in the workplace is more diverse and more widely used than in our house. Industrial Electric equipment and electronic office equipment are the back bone of almost every business. The use of electric equipment and machinery gives us power to do actions that a single man could never do before. The use of electronic equipment enables us to communicate, to control, to program and better manage our work. Most of the time, the concern for the worker comfort and for health comes only in second place after efficiency and practicality. There for the worker, both in an old fashion factory and in a high-tech company may find him self closer to a big verity of EMR sources. Try to cover all possible sources of EMR is almost impossible so we will try to create a short list of the main possible sources in addition to the sources that are also found in the house environment and are also very common in the workplace.

EMR low frequency common sources in the workplace:

Everything with an electric motor (power tools, heavy machinery)

Industrial Air condition

Electric power cabinets

Power suppliers and voltage converters

Emergency power backup systems.


Computers and laptops

EMR High frequency common sources in the workplace:

Wireless communication equipment, DECT and other types of cordless phones

WiFi routers and equipment

Bluetooth equipment

Yours’ and other’s cell phone when using it , and once in a while in stand-by mode.

Point to point computer communication systems.

How to limit the exposure at the workplace

In your work place you are more limited with the amount of control you have over the sources of radiation and with the changes you may do in your surrounding area. The same basic rule that applies with EMR sources inside your home, applies in this case, as well. By following some basic rules, you can reduce your exposure to EMR at your workplace.

Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.

Minimize the use of cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell phone while in the office.

Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use.

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