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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buy less, do more, go green.

The universal capital market is influenced by the fact that companies invest money in developing stuff that people don't and will never need or use.
They give a positive forecast on the growth that this new product will bring to their company and based on that they expect to make more money and give a positive production about their earning next quarter or year. But when people don't buy this new product they report the loss and their company stock is going down.
When this happens to several companies the economy is affected!

I think that this is one of the reasons that the world economy is going up and then down in an never ending cycle of loss and gain.
I think companies should start worrying about developing the things we need rather than selling us things they made and that we don't really need.

I think that the cell phone industry suffers from that problem. Do we really need TV on the cell phone? Do we really need to download songs or to have hi speed internet connection from the cell phone? Or is it just a way for the cell phones and the technologies companies to make more money?

Remember all we need is some water some food and some level of comfort, it doesn't wean we need to abuse our resources.

Buy less, do more, go green.

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