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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My story – Part 2 – becoming a "full time" EHS.

The problem was under control until I was 32 (around 2005) when the following series of changes and events took place:
  • I moved to a new apartment that was opposite to a Mobile phone mast and had a direct view to it.
  • In my new apartment the living room and the bedroom shared a wall, on one side of the wall I placed my bed, and without knowing the conseqences, on the other side of the wall I placed a CRT-TV and the large fish aquarium filter.
  • At work, the lab I was responsible for moved to a new room. The lab's main electricity cabinet was located very close to the working station. Later on I found out that this electricity cabinet emitted large levels of low frequency magnetic radiation.
  • At work, a new WiFi router was installed above the lab I was responsible for, and I was spending most of the working day beneath it.
  • At work, one of my team mates used to have long conversations on her mobile phone, sometimes for more than 30 minutes, most of the time sitting just next to me.
  • Introduction of third generation mobile phones in Israel was on it's way, that meant more data being transmitted and more masts ( 2000 masts in 2003 nation wide to about 3000 masts in 2007).

My "dark age" started with more and more frequent headaches, which eventually were combined into one long, non stopping, headache which lasted for more than 18 months!!!
After several months I understood that this headache is not going to go away by it's own and that I have to start doing something about it in order for me to get better.
I started to reading all kinds of web pages on the internet and was shocked of what I saw.

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