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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Israel Education ministry - Cell phone use prohibited, screen time limited, parents payment for tablets defined - 09/2016

This was aired on 05/09/2016 on Israel CH10 news. It is a news reports about a new CEO memorandum from the ministry of Education with 3 main subjects:
1. define the usage of tablets and laptops in class but define that smart phones are not to be used.
2. define the time it is possible to use these devices, without network, for each class.
3. define the extra payments that parents are asked to give per year, including for the tablets.
I would like to remind you that when the ministry of education in Israel say or define something like this (now it is "no use of cellphones in class", few years back it was a recommendation for "wired network in schools", it is sometimes just an bonch of empty words, a cover up, and the situation in the field is completely different.
All and all the section about prohibiting the use of smart phones as a learning device in class is good step, but I remind you that it was already present in older memorandums, and that it was not implemented then.
In addition I would like to point to your attention that while "banding" smart phone use in class, they still permit WIFI networks and wireless tablets and laptops to be used. It seems that the policy makers still think that WIFI is a lower radiation than mobile phone.

Please see video - I added subtitle in English, press the "CC" button.

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